Music to Your Ears: Hearing Aids, Music, and Musicians

Music to Your Ears: Hearing Aids, Music, and Musicians

“Music to your ears” is about the care and feeding of the musician, or those who just like to listen to music.  This may be about the hard of hearing child who is about to select their first musical instrument, or about a 20s something rocker who needs to understand the more subtle points in choosing hearing protection or in-ear monitors.

This book has nine section and can be read in any order, with as many items in each section as the reader wants to use.  This book can be used as a supplement in any university or college course on noise control, or even as part of a music program.  Or it could be read with a cup of tea while having one’s feet propped up.

Each of the nine sections have a number of blogs, all written with the reader in mind, and balancing scientific fact, humor, and clinical gems making this a very readable and smoothly flowing book.

While this is a book about music, musical instruments and its effects, the acoustic principles can be applied to the human vocal tract, the acoustics of a classroom, and even the design of concert halls. And many of the technologies can extend beyond the musician or listening to music, to populations such as the military, and those suffering from post-concussion syndrome.