Batteries for Hearing Devices

Batteries for Hearing Devices

Batteries for Hearing Devices is written for those who create batteries and those who use them. This may be about the engineer who designs them; a child and parents experiencing the pair of first hearing aids; a busy professional streaming phone and other audio content to Bluetooth ear devices; an 80s something active Senior who needs to understand new and old friends in a retirement community; or anyone who is interested in adopting technological advances and energy conservation into their lifestyles.

This book has five sections and can be read in any order, with as many items in each section as the reader wants to use.  This book can be used as a supplement in any university or college course on hearing aids or power supplies, or even as part of a clinical auditory rehabilitation program.  Or it could be read with a cup of tea while having one’s feet propped up, like any other good book.

Each of the five sections have a number of posts, all written with the reader in mind, and balancing scientific fact, futuristic thinking, and clinical gems making this a very readable and smoothly flowing book.

While this is a book about batteries and personal hearing devices, the electroacoustic principles can be applied to classroom, workplace, and public electroacoustics. And many of the technologies can extend beyond the individual with hearing difficulty to populations such as the military and social groups which benefit from near and far field wireless communications.